X Ray Film Viewer

X Ray Film Viewer

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We, Bio-X have expertise in the manufacturing of X-Ray Film Viewers or X-ray illuminator. As per the changing and developing needs of medical industry the X-ray film viewers, LED, CT Scan, M.R.I viewers are designed. These X-Ray Film Viewers are available two screen types- single and double.

The requirements of the doctors are kept in mind and hence, a extremely slim model, cost-effective, slim models are developed. The slim models are provided with a power adopter outside the view box. From hospitals, nursing homes to private clinics these X-Ray Film Viewers are required in every medical center.


  • Energy Efficient: Saves almost 82% to 93%
  • Slim and Durable
  • Zero UV emission
  • External power adapter
  • Latest LED technology
  • 4-5 times larger than regular EEFL/ CCFL
  • Power efficient
  • Brightness can be increased and decreased