Single Screen X Ray Viewer

Single Screen X Ray Viewer

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Single Screen X Ray Viewer

We are manufacture of Single Screen X Ray Viewer, that is designed to meet the demands of various nursing homes and hospitals. We Provided with a sleek LED, this offered x ray viewer has garnered praises from our valued patrons. 


Energy Efficiency
LEDs are highly efficient. Various estimates of potential energy savings range from 82% to 93%. 

Long Life
LEDs are projected to produce a long service life of about 100,000 hours. For this reason LEDs are ideal for hard-to-reach/maintain fixtures such as exit sign lighting and, combined with its durability, pathway lighting. This service life can be affected by the application and environmental factors, including heat and if being over driven by the power supply.

No UV Emissions/Little Infrared
LEDs produce no UV radiation and little heat, making them ideal for X-ray film view boxes that definitely harmless for eyes.

LEDs are highly rugged. They feature no filament that can be damaged due to shock and vibrations. They are subject to heat, however, and being overdriven by the power supply.

Other Benefits
The other benefits of LEDs include:
  Lights instantly
  Easily dimmed
  Silent operation
  Low-voltage power supply (increased safety) 

Digital dimmer technology

With 12 steps digital dimmer can match different films for different person accurately. Built-in ROM can save the switch on brightness for friendly using.