Lcd X-Ray Film Viewer

Lcd X-Ray Film Viewer

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Lcd X-Ray Film Viewer

Bio-X are specialized in  manufacturing of X-Film Viewer. Our X-ray film viewer Comes in Varies Size X-Ray Viewer Single screen,X- Ray Viewer Double screen,Triple Screen,Four Screen.These Lcd X-Ray Film Viewer are use in heath care industry for MRI, CT Scan and x-ray purpose.We can provide you best feature and quality X-Ray viewer which helps in advancement of your hospital.

  • The highest luminance for the led illuminator is more than 4000 cd/m2 (illuminance 11000lux).

  • The product adopt with the international advance standards with high luminance led

  • The three-dimensional design frame use silver and dark gray, and the new-style material such as aluminum-alloy, plastic alloy etc.The shape is thin, the thinness is only 2.9 cm.

  • Automatic film sensor- the viewing area will be illuminated on inserting the film and it will turn off after removing the film.

  • Luminance adjusting for large-scale (300-4000 cd/m2). It meets the viewing and diagnostic requirement for different density film of simulation, digital and mammography adequately.

  • Flicker-free energy saving light you will not feel tired even after a long

  • The life of led is 100,000 hours. It is over 5 times than the ccfl lamp.

  • 9500k white temperature is more suitable for viewing and diagnosis film.

  • The uniformity of the viewing screen is more than 90%.