High Rating Surgeon Control Panel Available at Affordable Price

High Rating Surgeon Control Panel Available at Affordable Price
Product Description

With the touch sensitive monitor, which can be operated directly at the touch of a finger, operating and monitoring of OT parameters like temperature, humidity is now very simpler. The graphical interface is capale of displaying all kinds of complex topologies. The status and command information is presented in a manner that is well structured and clear. The end result is an overall system that is both modular and flexible, enabling it to be adapted or expanded, or to accommodate new technologies.

  • Dimension : 700mm X 700mm X 165mm
  • Circuit Voltage : 24V & 12V DC
  • Digital Clock : (HH:MM:SS)
  • Elapsed Clock : (HH:MM:SS) (Start-Stop-Reset)
  • Separate Switch for Display ON/OFF
  • Light Control : 3 Channel (2 for peripheral Light & 1 for Plan air)
  • 0-10V Dimming Range 2 Channel (2 for OT light on/off)
  • Temp/Humd. : Display room Temp. & Humidity
  • Gas Alarm : 5 Channel (4 Gases + 1 Vacuum)
  • (High/Low/Normal/Indication)
  • Hans Free Phone : Dialing & Receiving Calls with caller ID
  • Hepa Filter : Shows Hepa Filter status (Normal/Choke)
  • Music Player : Plays mp3 & other supported files

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