Blood Collection Tubes

Blood Collection Tubes

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Blood Collection Tubes

BIO-X Blood Collection Tubes are the ideal answer for any lab right hand's needs. Truly, these test tubes are portrayed by such elements that make them to a great degree simple to use: for instance, the vicinity of a bolt to show the blood level, the convenience in embedding and uprooting the plugs, the correspondence of the hues to the global measures, the vicinity of a name to compose the patient's points of interest; additionally, the nature of the crude materials, for example, the blood gathering arrangements and the serum separators, ensure an impeccable working. At last, the vicinity of the parcel and expiry date on every end each tube permits a quick traceability.


  • All our products can be ODM/OEM and each product is tested strictly on different parameters, providing utmost attention to detailing, and high quality packaging.
  • These are originally conceptualized in research and development laboratory and tested by chemistry lab before it goes for production process.
  • High quality additives are being used for long lasting performance
  • These are waterproof and low temperature resistant.
  • These are properly inner packaging with foam based packaging and as well outer packaging as per clients specifications.
  • We provide all types of tubes that are thermal resistant labels, low temperature labels, cryogenic label, destructible and void security labels.